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Art workshop SETPARKET

Medžio dirbtuvės Setparket

About the workshop

SETPARKET is an art workshop in Lithuania that produces high-quality, eco-friendly, and excellent wood parquet boards for those who want to implement various interior solutions.

Medžio dirbtuvės Setparket
Kompleksiniai sprendimai iš medžio

Complex solutions

We accept and execute complex orders based on the customer's projects. We work on individual orders with designers, architects, and builders who implement the customer's projects.

Parketo privalumai

Advantages of parquet

Natural wood underfoot provides a unique beauty, a sense of coziness, and a very luxurious look. The beauty of parquet, its artistic potential, the wonderful and unique vision it conveys, create a very distinctive and rare sense of beauty in the environment.

Parketo privalumai
Parketlenčių Sertifikatai


Since 2005, we have been producing FSC™ certified products (IMO-COC-025052).

Since 2013, we have had a PEFC certificate (IMO-025052).

Parketo Montavimo darbai

Installation work

SETPARKET art workshop in Lithuania produces high-quality parquet boards using patented technology and provides quality parquet installation services in Lithuania. Experienced specialists will carry out tasks of any complexity on time and with precision.

Parketo Montavimo darbai
Parketas Tik profesionalams

For professionals only

Information about wood preparation and product manufacturing technology, installation, and maintenance specifics, intended for industry professionals: designers, architects, and builders.


The art studio "SETPARKET" in Lithuania offers natural and high-quality, eco-friendly wooden parquet with excellent characteristics for those looking to create exceptional interior solutions.






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