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About Us

Art workshop SETPARKET


The SETPARKET workshop is located in Lithuania, so we are looking for our representatives in London and other countries and cities. We are ready to cooperate with partners on mutually beneficial terms.


SETPARKET is an art workshop in Lithuania that produces high-quality, eco-friendly, and exceptional wooden parquet boards, interior finishes, outdoor terraces, stairs, and unique design wooden tables for those looking to implement various interior solutions.

Features of parquet boards:

  • Water resistance, suitable for SPA areas.
  • Fastening with "G&G" and "T&G with mechanical pressure."
  • 100% ecological.
  • Water-based adhesives.
  • Water-based lacquers.
  • Carbon-free.
  • Vacuum impregnation.
  • Aerosol electrostatic painting.
  • Coating with water-based lacquer with additives for sports halls.
  • Cosmetic restoration on-site.

Comprehensive solutions:

  • Unique products.
  • Handmade craftsmanship.
  • Rare wood vision.
  • 100% ecological guarantee.
  • Carbon-free production.
  • Comprehensive solutions.
  • Installation.

Produced range:

  • Large-format parquet.
  • Classic parquet.
  • English spruce.
  • Narrow strip parquet.
  • Modular parquet.
  • Geometric parquet.

WARRANTY: From 5 years (additional conditions may apply).

NOTE: Not all photos on the website are original and are used only to showcase the product design.

Beauty as a Feeling

Beauty is one of the most basic of human feelings and is difficult to describe in words.
We feel beauty intuitively, and we often don't need any science, books or lectures to feel beauty. A small child, just beginning to speak, already knows what is beautiful and what is not. Already, when it looks and when it speaks, it asks for "give". That feeling grows in our soul all our lives, everybody has it, and that feeling helps us to distinguish between white and iodine. The sense of beauty, it is difficult to deceive, it helps us to appreciate not only people but also things. Without words and long thoughts, we feel what is what, and we immediately understand what a HUMAN or a THING is here.
The highest appreciation of the work of creators is our sense of beauty, it cannot be imitated, it is born by itself, without our wishes, a gift from heaven, through which we appreciate the world.


Among the growing time

There was, there was a Tree, and growing on Earth, our great-grandparents were small, and that beautiful, hard-to-hug Tree was already old, having seen the sun for hundreds of years. And that tree, it came to you not as a guest, and it will be with you always, with you and your grandchildren, it has become a member of your family, your friend, and it will be for a long, long time. The beauty of that feeling that has come into your heart and into your home, together with our creativity and our work. We have only helped the Tree, we have put centuries of beauty under your feet, to make you stand stronger and to look up to the sky brighter.

We want to believe that we have succeeded in creating something that, when you look at it, will give birth to a sense of beauty in your soul, thanks to the work we have done.

Happiness for you, a sense of beauty and the sky under your feet!


High-quality parquet for those seeking it


The art studio "SETPARKET" in Lithuania offers natural and high-quality, eco-friendly wooden parquet with excellent characteristics for those looking to create exceptional interior solutions.






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