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enlt ltpl pl


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Water-Based Lacquer and Adhesives

The primary component of water-based lacquers is water itself, which allows it to penetrate the wooden structure much deeper and effectively bind and strengthen it upon hardening compared to other finishes. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood with moisture, it is recommended to sand and apply lacquer to wood at least 3 times. Although this process increases the cost of parquet, it results in a highly resilient and durable surface.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum resistance to chemical and mechanical damage.
  • Reinforcement of the parquet surface.
  • Water-based lacquer with hardener significantly enhances durability, making it suitable for wooden floors in sports arenas.
  • Maximum environmental footprint index.
  • Water-based adhesives.
  • Water-based lacquers.
  • Carbon-neutral manufacturing processes.
  • FTSR wood standards.

Maximum Environmental Footprint Index

  • Water-based adhesives.
  • Water-based lacquers.
  • Carbon-neutral manufacturing processes.
  • FTSR wood standards.

Types of Parquet:

  1. Large-Format Parquet:

    • Width: 300/350/400 mm
    • Length: up to 5000 mm

  2. Classic Parquet:

    • Width: 180-240 mm
    • Length: up to 5000 mm

  3. Narrow Parquet:

    • Width: 70-110 mm
    • Length: up to 5000 mm

  4. Modular Parquet:

    • Comes with a beveled edge, fully prepared for installation without additional post-laying work.
    • Parquet models are produced based on the customer's design project.

  5. Geometric Parquet:

    • Produced according to design models and installation conditions.

Color Tones

  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Very smooth and thin toning.
  • Flexible tone shade adjustment.

Pine Parquet Backing

  • Reduces the lifting effect of parquet boards.
  • Increased resistance to water vapor.

Parquet with Rare Wood Vision

  • The base of the parquet is made from properly glued pine wood.
  • It has so-called "RISING" properties and excellent sound insulation.

Parquet Installation

  • Fastening with screws, crosswise.
  • Mechanical perimeter clamping.
  • G&G, T&G joints.
  • Jointing with silicone.
  • Glue-down installation.

Parquet Restoration and Cosmetic Repairs

Water-based lacquered parquet has properties that allow for almost seamless transitions between old and new lacquer layers when applying a new layer. Superficial damage like scratches from pet claws, shoe scuffs, and other non-deep defects can be self-repaired without complex restoration work. Contact our representatives for further discussion.

Exceptional Products Made from Natural Wood


The art studio "SETPARKET" in Lithuania offers natural and high-quality, eco-friendly wooden parquet with excellent characteristics for those looking to create exceptional interior solutions.






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