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enlt ltpl pl

SETPARKET parquet boards


Offered classic parquet - 3 meters in length, 230 mm in width, 26 mm in thickness:

  • Vision of exotic wood;
  • Rarely offered 3-meter length;
  • Unique resistance to mechanical damage due to water-based lacquer with hardener for sports halls;
  • Convenient restoration at home in case of minor mechanical damage;
  • Parquet board natural width mix - 230 mm / 180 mm;
  • Various natural wood colors - white, pink, yellow, mahogany, with 3D effects.

SETPARKET Parquet Boards

Natural wood at your feet provides a unique beauty, a sense of coziness, and looks very luxurious. The beauty of parquet, its artistic potential, and its extraordinary vision convey a very distinctive and rare sense of beauty to the surroundings.

Our produced parquet boards are unique and of very high quality, which is why the price significantly differs from other sellers.

Various types of parquet boards are available: different colors, wood textures (lacquered, grained, wavy, embossed), coated with lacquer, painted, different wood species (hardwoods, softwoods, bamboo, cork), various geometric shapes (patterned, panel parquet), different finishing systems.

Large-format parquet is a type of premium-class parquet that is quite rare and not widely advertised. These are planks with lengths starting from 3 meters and widths ranging from 300 mm to 400 mm. You won't find such products in retail stores for several reasons: the rarity of raw materials, patented technology, and high production costs, which can be compared to the price of artisanal handcrafted parquet.

Wide planks are made from large-diameter logs, which are already not common worldwide and cost a considerable amount, and the yield for board production is only 7-13%. Licenses for patented technologies are not cheap, so the production of large-format parquet boards is expensive.

Features of the produced parquet


Thermal Vacuum Treatment

Thermal vacuum treatment enhances and strengthens the wood grain pattern, emphasizing the characteristics of various wood species.



Mineral-based, electrostatic, aerosol coating in various semi-transparent shades enhances the parquet.


Water-Based Varnish

Multiple coats of water-based varnish with a hardener provide maximum resistance to mechanical damage. Suitable for sports halls. Water-based varnish penetrates deep into the wood layer and creates a "sponge with glue" effect.



Maximum ecological index! 100% eco-friendliness! Only water-based varnishes and glues are used. Suitable for underfloor heating. Minimal carbon footprint. Meets FTSR wood standards.



Mechanical fastening of parquet boards to the floor. No adhesives are used. There are exceptions. Suitable for fastening to floor joists.


T&G and G&G Joints

T&G and G&G, known as "universal joints" for parquet boards, are possible with silicone spacers between boards. High resistance to water vapor. Suitable for installation in bathrooms, SPA areas, and places with increased humidity.



Elastic pine subfloor: warm, sound-insulating, compensating for vibrations.

Such a parquet subfloor, due to its complexity in production, is significantly more expensive than standard subfloors. Therefore, pine wood, as a basic parquet subfloor, is rarely used. However, this subfloor has many advantages: the pine subfloor acts like a layer of thick rubber leaves. Pine (soft and elastic wood) absorbs sounds, compensates for temperature deformations and floor irregularities, in other words, it has a CUSHIONING effect, isolates sound. Such a subfloor base provides additional advantages to the quality balance with natural parquet boards.


High-quality parquet for those seeking it


The art studio "SETPARKET" in Lithuania offers natural and high-quality, eco-friendly wooden parquet with excellent characteristics for those looking to create exceptional interior solutions.






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